Our Customer Satisfaction Principles

In order to provide the highest quality service to homeowners, we require all our members to learn and adhere to the principles outlined below.

Follow the 4 P's, and you'll be more likely to:
Land jobs
Receive repeat business
Get positive referrals

The 4 P's

1. Professionalism: Bring a very high level of professionalism to every customer interaction.

  • Introduce yourself on the first outbound call and address the customer by their formal name. This is your opportunity to set a positive first impression.
  • Actively listen to your customer's project needs while you are collaboratively determining the scope of work.
  • Always thank your customers and be respectful of their preferences.

2. Promptness: Be timely and responsive.

  • Call your customer immediately and schedule the in-home consultation at their earliest convenience.
  • Confirm appointment date for the soonest date possible for you and the customer.
  • Show up to the in-home consultation on time.

3. Peace of Mind: Take initiative to give customer peace of mind.

  • Offer the following information to your customers to give them more confidence in your capabilities: license and insurance/bonding details, accreditations, certifications, references, and pictures of prior jobs.
  • Be honest and clear in your communication to ensure you're setting appropriate expectations which includes the budget and the project timeline.

4. Partnership: Sustain an attitude of partnership with the customer throughout the life of the project.

  • Develop a relationship with the customer throughout the selling process, the project and after the project is completed.
  • Arrange customer inspection of your work and remedy any legitimate defects identified.
  • Ask for feedback and references to use in future projects.
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